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Young and Dying: Veterans Are Getting Brain Cancer and Struggling to Get Benefits

A joint investigation by Military.com and Public Health Watch found that glioblastoma, while rare, has struck hundreds of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Many must fight for health care and compensation.

Flaring at Gulf Coast Plastics Plant Alarms Neighbors, Signals Growth in Polluting Projects

Environmental advocates fear that Gulf Coast residents are poised to suffer from new energy projects expected to add 50 million tons of greenhouse-gas pollution in coming years.

Workplace Fatalities Fell Sharply in 2020

Workplace deaths declined in the first year of the pandemic, new federal data show, but deaths from drug overdoses and extreme temperatures were up.

Iowa’s Toxic Brew

Iowa copes with the climate-chemical reaction that can play havoc with drinking water.

Cancer Cases in Kids Are Rising. Some Experts Blame Toxic Chemicals.

While death rates for childhood cancer victims are going down, incidence rates are going up. Are environmental exposures at fault?