Misplaced Priorities in Texas

The Texas Legislature is wrapping up another session without addressing the state’s high rate of residents without health insurance. For a physician, meeting these patients’ needs can be impossible.


Latest Chemical Plant Fire Unnerves, Infuriates Houston-Area Residents

A recent investigation by Public Health Watch and The Texas Tribune revealed government negligence before and during a devastating 2019 fire at a tank farm in the Houston suburb of Deer Park. Earlier this month, a public hearing was held for that facility. The next day, another big fire broke out at a plant down the road.

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medicaid expansion project: ‘the holdouts’

Your Weekly Roundup of Public Health News

May 25, 2023

Millions of years of life lost by Black Americans, the influence of heat waves on COVID-19 transmission, and more.

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mental health

Mental Health

Two-Part Series: Firefighters and cancer

Toxic Texas Air

Harris County, Texas, had 53 “emissions events” during the first three months of this year, records show.

Houston Lawmaker Moves to Hold Polluters Accountable

A similar effort by another Texas legislator failed two years ago, but state Rep. Penny Morales Shaw says she’s obligated to try to protect polluted communities.

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