Small Plant, Big Polluter

Thanks to a loophole in the Clean Air Act, William Koch’s Oxbow plant in Port Arthur, Texas, puts out 10 times as much lung-damaging sulfur dioxide as its industrial neighbors. People who live nearby have asked the state for help, to no avail.

Introducing Public Health Watch

Today we unveil Public Health Watch, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news site that will focus on the prevention of illness, injury and death. The timing is fortuitous, given...

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PHW Live: Public Health After the Pandemic

National health experts discuss how COVID-19 will reshape the delivery of health care. Click here to sign up for the virtual forum.

Texas’ Abortion Ban Is Having a ‘Domino Effect’ on Clinics Across the U.S.

“We are seeing massive ripple effects across the country for other states taking on displaced patients.”

A Sexually Transmitted Disease Is Killing Texas Babies

As congenital syphilis cases soar in the state, especially among infants of color, health officials wonder what it will take to get the public’s attention.

Interviews With Writer Kim Krisberg on the Sharp Increase in Babies Born With Syphilis

Public Health Watch contributing writer Kim Krisberg spoke with the Texas Standard and Houston Public Media about her in-depth story on the sharp rise in the number of congenital syphilis cases in Texas.

Long Before a Near-Total Ban, Texas Was Home to Most ‘Abortion Deserts’ in U.S.

A state law that took effect Sept. 1 has amounted to a ban for 80% of abortion-seeking Texans. Patients’ driving distance to the nearest abortion clinic is estimated to have increased 14-fold, from an average of 17 miles to 247 miles each way.

Deadly Heat

Hundreds of Workers Have Died From Heat in the Last Decade – And It’s Getting Worse

Heat has killed hundreds of workers in the U.S., many in construction or agriculture, an investigation by NPR and Columbia Journalism Investigations found. Federal standards might have prevented them.

As Nation Gets Hotter, Efforts to Prevent Worker Heat Deaths Accelerate, But Fixes Aren’t as Simple as They Seem

As a hotter climate reshapes American lives, it also threatens them, especially on the job. The weapons against heat illness are seemingly simple, from more water to rest breaks, but standards, enforcement and training are often lacking to ensure protection.

Why California Workers Are Still Dying From Heat Despite Protections

California is seen as a nationwide leader in hot weather protections, but its workers are still getting sick and dying from heat. Experts and insiders say climate change and a dysfunctional Cal/OSHA are to blame.

‘The Enemy Is Lurking in Our Bodies’ — Women Veterans Say Toxic Exposure Caused Breast Cancer

As the last troops leave the “forever wars,” doctors say they’re seeing more women veterans with breast cancer — younger than the national average.

Solitary Confinement Condemns Many Prisoners to Long-Term Health Issues

An international movement is pushing to limit the form of incarceration due to its damaging physical and psychological effects.

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