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Solitary Confinement Condemns Many Prisoners to Long-Term Health Issues

An international movement is pushing to limit the form of incarceration due to its damaging physical and psychological effects.

‘The Enemy Is Lurking in Our Bodies’ — Women Veterans Say Toxic Exposure Caused Breast Cancer

As the last troops leave the “forever wars,” doctors say they’re seeing more women veterans with breast cancer — younger than the national average.

Migrants Say Border Patrol Agents Ignored Pleas for Medical Help

Despite a federal law affirming the right to care, dozens of complaints filed since 2017 allege that Border Patrol agents failed to address the medical needs of hundreds of migrants on arrival or in custody.

Pain and Politics: How Congress Killed a Workplace Rule That Could Have Blunted the Opioid Epidemic

Twenty years ago, a rule that would have addressed an explosion of ergonomic injuries in the American workplace was thrown out. Did this help fuel the opioid epidemic?

As Nation Gets Hotter, Efforts to Prevent Worker Heat Deaths Accelerate, But Fixes Aren’t as Simple as They Seem

As a hotter climate reshapes American lives, it also threatens them, especially on the job. The weapons against heat illness are seemingly simple, from more water to rest breaks, but standards, enforcement and training are often lacking to ensure protection.