Public Health Watch’s articles are available free for republication by news organizations online or in print. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Include “Public Health Watch” with the author’s byline (first name/last name/Public Health Watch).
  • Use this attribution at the top or bottom of the story: “This article was originally published by Public Health Watch, a nonprofit investigative news organization. Find out more at” (Hyperlink the URL.)
  • When possible, include our logo and “Public Health Watch” with the article. You can download the logo below or request one by emailing
  • Articles cannot be rewritten or edited beyond in-house style changes. If you add information to localize a story, include a tag line stating additional reporting was done or use a separate box or sidebar. Retain hyperlinks.
  • Photos, graphics and illustrations can be republished with proper crediting unless otherwise indicated. The images should accompany the story with which they originally appeared.
  • If you publish one of our stories and promote it on Facebook or X (formerly Twitter), add to the post a #publichealthwatch tag or a hyperlink to our Facebook or Twitter page.
  • Please let us know you ran the story and why. We welcome feedback, at

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